Kilspindie Golf Club

Standards of Dress

As the 35th oldest club in the world Kilspindie Golf Club is understandably proud of its traditions. Nevertheless traditions must evolve and we want our members, visitors and guests to feel comfortable, welcome and confident that they will not feel or look out of place on their visit.

Both on the course and in the clubhouse, our members, visitors and guests are asked to wear smart, clean clothing in good condition.  As you might expect, in the Lounge and Bar we don’t wear hats, outerwear or clothing that shows the rigours of play.

For safety reasons we also ask that all golfers wear golf shoes on the course, and cleaned, soft-spiked shoes can be worn throughout the clubhouse.

You will understand that the club must reserve the right to ask anyone to change or cover any item of clothing deemed to be inappropriate or potentially offensive. If in any doubt please feel free to consult any club official, in particular the Starter or Bar Staff.

Frequently Asked Questions
What restrictions apply to women? – Kilspindie does not discriminate on the grounds of gender (or anything else) and therefore our restrictions are identical. 
Are you allowed to wear jeans in the Clubhouse? – Answer – yes if they are in good condition and not ripped, frayed or bleached.
What should I wear on the golf course? We expect everyone playing to be wearing appropriate golfing clothes.
Do gentlemen need a jacket and/or tie in the clubhouse? – No, although we can arrange to partition off an area of the Lounge for any groups who wish to impose their own restrictions
Can I wear trainers  in the Clubhouse? – Like all other clothing, trainers need to be in good condition.
What’s your attitude towards sportswear such as football kit, rugby kit, etc.? – We don’t permit any clothing primarily intended to show identity with a cause or affiliation. Naturally, that doesn’t apply to golf clothing.
Do your dress restrictions also apply to children? – We’re more relaxed for children under 12 – it’s more important that they feel safe and welcome at Kilspindie.
I have a medical condition that requires me to wear clothing that the club might not approve of. What should I do? – Of course, there will always be the odd exception, but we would appreciate advance notice so that our staff are aware of the situation.
If in doubt ask the Starter or Bar Staff

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