9th June 2020
From the Captain
I feel we’re bombarding you with emails just now, and we realise that the continuing restrictions do cause frustration for many. However, as we experience how things are working out at Kilspindie, we continue to look for new ways to relax them whenever it is safe, and we’re permitted to do so. As we tweak things, you’ll appreciate that we need to keep you informed.
Tee-Time Tweaks
As you know, we have now allowed members to book extra tee times on the day of play, through the Pro Shop, and over and above the twice a week (Mon-Sun) restriction. We feel that we can now add in the possibility of taking along one member’s guest under the same conditions – any remaining free time and only bookable on the day. The fee for a member’s guest will be £15 per round.

We have now opened up the tee times of 07.10 and 07.20, but only at the weekends.

The present interval between tee times is ten minutes. This is proving to be unnecessarily generous and so we will go to eight minute intervals as from June 19th.

We remain hopeful that there may be some further relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions by the Scottish Government after their next review on 18th June. If they relax the restriction on only meeting up with one other household we will be able to reintroduce three and four balls after June 18th. However we cannot do anything to implement this until we hear from the Scottish Government. We are keeping a close eye on all developments, and are trying to be as flexible as possible.
1 + 1 = 2
TWICE a week. Some of you either can’t read or can’t count. Only a minority certainly but it is taking up many hours of time and effort to track everyone’s use of the course. You are only allowed to make TWO advance bookings per week and the week is from Monday to Sunday. The only exception to this is the possibility of picking up some free bookings on the day of play. These have to be booked through the Pro shop before you come down to the course.

Conversations with those who exceed these limits can sometimes be difficult, especially if the member says he or she “didn’t receive the newsletter”. Under data protection law you’re entitled to know that the system records not only when the emails are sent, it also records when you open them. (You’re entitled to request a copy of that record, by the way.) You can imagine how hard it is to bite one’s lip when we already know that a member is being a little economical with the truth.
Tees, etc.
Please do try very hard to pick up your tees, including any broken ones. This helps the course and also helps the greenkeepers greatly. Remember that they, like golfers, are not really supposed to be handling these items at all just now.
The Scottish Government Road Map
We have been asked by the Scottish Government to remind you that you are not supposed to travel more than 5 miles for recreation. However this remains an individual responsibility and Scottish Golf have not changed their guidance.
Relations with Our Neighbours and the Public
A couple of less positive notes. We have been informed that the house beside the 9th hole has had a couple of bright green balls landing in their garden last week, apparently from off the tee. This is completely unacceptable. Would all members please try to ensure they comply with the new Local Rule about not hitting shots beyond the new fairway bunkers. If this behaviour persists we will find it impossible to remove the screens which is something we would all really like to see happen.

Finally, we have also had a complaint from a member of the public about someone throwing their rubbish from the course on to the beach. This is again completely unacceptable behaviour by a member.We do appreciate that the bins are closed off but it shouldn’t be too much to ask everyone to take their rubbish home with them. Such anti-social behaviour is bad enough to see in the wider environment but it really shouldn’t be happening at Kilspindie.
Stay aware, and stay safe,

Mike Mitchell, Captain