Kilspindie, like most of the countryside, goes surprisingly quiet at the height of summer. Out to sea there are terns, mostly Arctic Terns, and they make enough noise to put off any golfer sweating over a three-footer on the 4th green (look west). But inland birds are rearing young, so the last thing they want to do is draw attention to themselves by singing.

But if there are fewer birds to see, there are compensations elsewhere. You may have been aware that there’s been a huge invasion of Painted Lady butterflies into Britain this year. 10,000 were counted recently on the Isle of May, and a few can still be seen at Kilspindie. But they don’t stay still enough for my iPhone so you’ll just have to make do with a Wikipedia photo.

(Painted Lady/Wikipedia)

Painted Ladies like thistles, so keep an eye out in the rough as you hunt for your golf ball. (Remember you now only have three minutes to find a butterfly, though!) On the other hand, the best place to see most Kilspindie butterflies is the buddleia to the right of the path from the 8th green to the 9th tee. Here’s a photo taken today. It’s like “Where’s Wally?” – how many butterflies can you count? There are definitely three Peacocks, a Tortoiseshell and a few (Cabbage) Whites, certainly Small Whites and probably Large Whites, too. Have fun!

Buddleia near Green Craigs/Gordon Lawrie

Here’s a closer view of a Peacock trying to scare me off.

Peacock butterfly/Gordon Lawrie

And finally, pictures from Butterfly Conservation of two that can definitely be seen around Kilspindie (and on the buddleia).

Images: Butterfly Conservation